Tips for the budget concious bride

Getting married is one of the most special days in a woman’s life: we start planning the big day at the age of six and have designed our dress by the age of 10. It’s a day of celebration, happiness and love… but there’s just one teeny tiny thing, you do not want to start of the rest of your lives together by being in debt.

If you are not a trust fund baby and haven’t won the lotto then here are a few savvy saving tips that could save you hundreds!

PS: Budget does not have to mean less glamourous, think smart and you can still have the wedding of your dreams!

1.) When you get engaged: open a separate savings account for your wedding planning and have a longer engagement (like a year plus). Although if that is not an option just move on to the tips below:)

2.) The Cake: Ask a family member or a friend to make your cake. If there is someone who loves baking and is really good, ask them to make yours. It will be a lot cheaper than going to a store and it will taste just as good! Cupcakes are a firm favourite of mine as it’s a great way to include all the grannies and moms and they are easier to decorate if a cake is over whelming. This way you could have a small cake to cut and cupcakes for all of your guests.

Photographer: Consider having a photography student take your pictures. It will be A LOT cheaper and students are often filled with great ideas and have a great camera. Otherwise if you have your heart set on a photographer try negotiate you get the images on a disc (make sure high res!) and print them out yourself and do your own wedding album.

Food: You could always have just finger foods at your wedding made by family and friends. Bear in mind though this wouldn’t work too well with a dinner party wedding but if you are having an early morning wedding or a garden/picnic wedding then it will be ideal! You could make cucumber saamies, cheese and crackers trays,chips, dips, veggie trays, pickle trays, pasta salads, strawberries, water  melon etc. Think quick, light foods. It will be a bargain if you do this as a “cheap” price per head is R185 or up.


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