Glamour Magazine Reader Event

Last week I recieved an invitation in my inbox to attend a Glamour UK Reader Event. To say I was excited is an understatement! I couldn’t wait to go. I love this magazine, I pretty much buy every issue (sometimes two issues when they have a cool cover mount) and read it cover to cover and then back to front and then when I am done, they all have their own special spot next to my bed, on the windowsill. Yes, I am a fan! So I thought their Reader Event with Johnson and Johnson skin care would be just as urber cool.

Well, I got there, bright eyed and bushy tailed, for 6pm (as stated on the invite) and they were still setting up! That was just the start of bad first impressions. At the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat (which I am so far from) this event was really such a waste of my time and I am not normally a “moaner”, I was just so shocked that this is what my favourite magazine would do for an event…

Firstly there was the fact that they were running late, then champagne was given to (over 18) girls in a plastic glass- I felt like a school kid at a high school disco. Then no one gave any sort of welcome, at first I didn’t even know if this was the Glamour event or just some in store promotion, Glamour Magazine staff had been substituted for promo girls (so much for them wanting to “get to know their readers”) the VIP area which had been set aside for the readers was teeny tiny and after having a small device placed on our hand the promo girl then revealed our skin care type, that was it! It was literally 3 seconds! There was no mention of Johnson and Johnson’s latest product range, no skin care routine advice or those perfect glowing skin care tips, nothing. We were then given a goodie bag with 3 different Johnson and Johnson products ( I am all for goodie bags but they had given us make up wipes and eye-make up remover and not facial wash or something, that would coincide with the event.)

After we had been given our goodie bags we all just kind of stood there, until among ourselves we had a general consensus that the event was over… it was bizarre, no goodbye, no back issues on display, no instructions or guidance about what was even happening except a quick last glance around from the readers and a side step to join the stride of the human traffic walking by.

Is it just me or is this the norm for “Uk magazine” events? I have attended magazine events in South Africa which are much smaller titles and on minimal budgets but they were SO much better….


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