China Doll illustrations Blog

I have so many talented friends, I really do…

China Doll Illustrations is the beautiful work of my friend Meags. If you have a soft spot for quaint, quirky, pretty, pictures then you will love her just as much as I do. She will soon be selling prints too so get hold of her if you would like a bit of art in your life, they really are beautiful treasures.

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It’s been awhile…

Golly gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a month! It’s been a busy month to say the least: we went to South Africa for 4 weeks to visit the family (and I couldn’t waste this precious time online:), then there was packing, unpacking, traveling, flights, work, friends, dinners, beach (and vital tanning time I might add) but I am back. And it feels good to be back. I don’t know if anyone actual reads these thoughts I have but if you do, I promise there will be more thoughts to come.

Chat soon



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A touch of vintage

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The City Slickers

I like pigeons, I really do. Perhaps it’s because living in a studio apartment we can’t have any pets and these are the only animal contacts I have these days. But I like these little fellas. I even gave this guy some Special K (berry flavour) for breakfast this morning… I’m just waiting for him to tell all his mates now then waking up to a flock outside my window tomorrow morning for their breakfast.

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Birthday Cupcake

The fabulous thing about celebrating your birthday in April in London, is switching the seasons.  I have traded in the usual Autumn celebrations for a sunny spring occasion (which by the way I am growing rather fond of!)

I am flying back home for a little visit next week so the guys and gals at work had an early little birthday treat for me and my other work colleague at work. Talk about yummo!


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Spring in the city

American Rag Cie vest
7,245 JPY –

Acne jeans
$147 –

TopShop flat shoes
$90 –

Engraved watch
230 GBP –

Let There Be Flight Hanging Lamp
$98 –

London Icon Breakfast Tea (50 Teabags)
6.95 GBP –

Fuck Yeah London

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Guilt Free

Well kind of…. but I guess it’s better than ice cream! Thanks Marks and Spencer for your divine mango sorbet life would not be the same with out you! I ate the whole tub and only felt half the guilt:)

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